Seattle Vacation – Roadtrip


Well all –

I traveled to the Seattle area this last week and found very little activity out on the road.  Maybe that had to do with the 29 degree weather.  My first three days were spent in Snoqualmie – it snowed – no motorcycles out and about.

I did see the total die hard’s riding in the Seattle area.  These guys were typically on a Harley or rice rocket bike.  Can you image – no heated grips, no heated seat, and a naked bike – Yikes!!!!

Despite the chilly air – I was amazed to see those riders!!

While I was up there I met with my long time friend Marc.  He and I met riding bikes in our early 20’s.  We reminisced about the old days and wished we lived closer to each other so we could ride again.  Maybe when I am up in Seattle again, we can rent some bikes and go for a ride.

If you know of any good rides through the NorthWest, post them here or send an email for us to post.

Thanks all, hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s and holiday season.

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