BMW Motorrad Has Definitely Not Done Its Homework

Back in the day when I DARED speak (or write, for what’s worth) about the possibility that BMW seemed in a bit of a hurry to deliver its new lineup of bikes, a lot of BMW fan boys snapped their teeth at me. These early summer days bring one more reason to suspect that the Bavarian manufacturer may be cutting some corners… even though not voluntarily, and in a way, proving that these bikes are not as perfect as some wishfully think they are.

However, since the bikes get a BMW badge and are sold with a BMW price tag, instead of a small card with the names and insignia of the parts suppliers, it only feels natural that some inquisitive eyes are turning towards Munich and some answers are direly needed.

The latest blow for the BMW customers is once more affecting the suspension of certain bikes, with….

Come see the full story here

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