2014 BMW R1200RT Recall Updates, Parts Start Arriving Next Weeks



It looks like BMW is finally showing signs that the nasty situation triggered by the early-June recall for the 2014 R1200RT bikes equipped with the Dynamic ESA suspensions is close to a resolve. BMW has reportedly sent out a letter to the owners of these bikes informing them that the replacement parts for their machines are due to arrive in the next two weeks.

We remind you that the riders of the 2014 R1200RT equipped with the Dynamic ESA suspensions have been advised by BMW to immediately stop using the motorcycles, as the piston rod of the rear shock absorber could break unexpectedly and cause serious injuries or death as a result of a crash.

Around 8,000 motorcycles have received the same riding ban around the world, with 950 of them being sold in the US. BWW Motorrad USA has offered a compensation plan comprising three possible scenarios. Those willing to wait until the repair is carried out are entitled to receive $2,500 (€1,840), while those who could arrange a loaner bike deal with their dealer received $1,000 (€735) to spend on gear and accessories. Finally, the third option saw BMW buying back the bikes of those who would not want the R1200RT any more, with $1,000 (€735) in compensation to get another BMW motorcycle. For Europe, the compensations were smaller, according to numerous reports we got at autoevolution.

BMW says that the new shocks are due to arrive in the 11-18 August week, and then customers can schedule the replacement with their dealers. The entire rear shock units will be replaced, BMW decided, in order to provide customers with increased confidence in the performance and dependability of their bikes.

Customers have repeatedly complained about BMW’s lack of communication in the early stages of this 11-week riding ban, while many were already on the road aboard their motorcycles in the middle of their vacations. No info was provided on potential compensations for those who have been left far from home without the possibility to ride their R1200RT.

A special thanks to the boys over at Autoevolution for the heads up!!


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