Test rode the Zero S Electric

This site is dedicated to the R1200RT, but I decided to add this blog for all of our riders. I test rode the naked Zero S (www.zeromotorcycles.com) bike yesterday. This was my first ever electric bike ride. It was nothing like my expectations. 

I was pretty nervous. I had talked to several riders that said the torque on the bike was sick, ie a ton of torque. I thought a quick roll on of the throttle would loop the bike, but this was not the case. Once that was off my mind, all went well and I enjoyed the ride. 

My ride was limited. I took the bike out for 15 minutes around the Hollywood area. The motorcycle had great speed, especially in Sport mode. The bike was comfortable and smooth. I was impressed with the total package. 

I must admit, this was my first naked bike ride. I was a bit out of place with the rake of the forks and the slightly forward pitch in the seat, but I got used to that pretty quick. 

If you get a chance to ride one of these bikes, do it. Not sure if I am ready for this type of bike, but it is very interesting. 

Have fun out there and be safe. 


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